Land of Oz was a fully functioning theme park that was in operation from 1970-1980 that provided an immersive theatre experience for guests to live the journey Dorothy took. The park named the Number 1 Tourist Attraction by the Washington Post, and became an instant success after opening seeing over 400,000 guests that first season of operation. While the park had many ups and downs throughout the decade, it would close its doors for good after the 1980 season. In the following years, the Emerald City Theater and Gift Shops along with the Balloon Ride were torn down, and a housing development was to be built on the property.


However, most of the park was saved including the Yellow Brick Road and the Kansas Farm. In 1988, a reunion of original employees sparked interest in those who wanted to revisit the park. High demand to return to Oz led to the park opening up to the public on July 4th, 1991. Over 4,000 people attended that first year, much to the surprise of everyone involved. In 1993, the Autumn at Oz Festival became an annual tradition that is still going strong today. Other events are scheduled throughout the year to cater to popular demand.