Private Tours is a small private guided tour with a Land of Oz Historian. This year guests do get a photo opportunity and performance by Dorothy herself in Kansas. You and your group travel from the Fountain of Youth along the Yellow Brick Road and through Oz learn about the magical of Land of Oz and how it all began.

Autumn at Oz™ is a three-weekend event is the full-scale Wizard of Oz festival. Here you will meet all your favorite characters from the classic film where you will have photo opporunities with everyone from Dorothy and Aunt Em in Kansas to the Lion in his forest, the Munchkins, Flying Monkeys at the Witch’s Castle, and Toto, too! Be sure to catch our character shows throughout the event in Kansas & the magical Land of Oz. An immersive experiece including a journey’s end in the magical Emerald City. The event also includes unique shopping experience, delicious food & beverage options, and eight live performances throughout the park!